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Luxury Scented Candle - The Chapel Noctula


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Surround your senses with The Chapel Noctula luxury scented candle. Deep and rich oudh, juicy red fruits, floral lily and zesty mandarin intoxicate and inspire. Bring a sense of peace and prosperity to your home with The Chapel Noctula luxury candle. Product Details: 80 hour burn time, Single cotton plus wick, 320 g, H: 10cm, W: 8.5cm. Made in the UK. Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Mandarin, Lemon, Heart Notes: Jasmine, Red Fruits, English Violet, Base Notes: Oudh, Cedarwood

Noctula is a scent distilled to evoke the hour between sunset and darkness. Sensuously conjured from the mingled embraces of crimson fruit and flowers caught on the evening air, this fragrance floods the senses with each breathless pause, as mysterious twilight foretells the promise of night.

English Violet

The emblem of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, the violet produces perfume of such earthy richness that the Victorians forbade young ladies from wearing it, for fear they may become intoxicated with lust.

Night owl (noctua)

A universal symbol of wisdom, the owl understands the power of stillness and the subtle, mysterious advantages that darkness brings.

Red lips

For five millennia we’ve been colouring our lips powerful, passionate red. Berry juice, powdered gemstones, even crushed insects have been used to paint the ultimate shade of seduction on to countless sensuous smiles.

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