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Luxury Scented Candle - The Chapel Mellifera




Awaken your heart and mind with The Chapel Melilifera luxury scented candle. A crisp cocktail of vanilla, orchard fruits and floral rose. Fill your home with positivity and light with The Chapel Mellifera luxury candle. Product Details: 80 hour burn time, Single cotton plus wick, 320 g, H: 10cm, W: 8.5cm. Made in the UK. Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: New Mown Hay, Red Apple, Blackcurrant, Heart Notes: Rose, Lavender, Honey, Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli

A fragrance that lulls like the hum of bees drifting through the lavender-laced warmth of afternoon. Blushing berries, ripened in the bushes, mingle lazily with the creamy petals of tuberose drifting to rest on shaded moss.

Deeper within the dreamy haze lies a sweet woody suggestion of patchouli leaves and rich teatime vanilla. A scent as sumptuous as nectar gathered from flower garden and field, where time flows like honey as an endless summer unfolds.

Wild Rose

From coastal cliffs to hedgerows at the churchyard’s edge, the wild rose clings tenaciously, enveloping the air with scent that bestows a sweet sense of sanctuary.

Honeybee (Apis mellifera)

Buzzing between blooms, the honeybee is the defining symbol of industrious endeavour, yet each bee is at its most productive when it stops to rest upon a flower.

Chatelaine scissors

Once worn as a mark of status by mistresses of elegant households, these decorative scissors also represent the importance of trimming away excess, and retaining only what’s truly important in life.

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