The Chapel - Scented Candles, Hand Creams & Pulse Point Fragrances

The Chapel Luxury Products

Scented Candles

Hand poured in the UK, these exquisite candles are encased in a uniquely finished ceramic. Our single-wick scented candles are much more than a striking home accessory. With a burn time of approximately 80 hours, their sublime fragrance helps transform any environment into a space for rest and reflection.

Hand Creams

Apply our unique hand-cream and clasp a moment of calm. Used for centuries, the beneficial compound allantoin assists in prolonging the moisturising effects of shea and cocoa butters, removing dead cells to leave skin feeling softer and smoother.

Pulse Point Fragrances

Cool pulse points, such as the ear and wrist, with our compact roll-on fragrances, the perfectly portable way to side-step stress. Inhale each carefully created scent as an aromatic aid to easing tension, relaxing the body while reviving the senses.

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